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Zartek ZA-650 Digital Wireless One-Button Gate intercom Kit

R 3,809.79

Gate station with Handset, relay board. Communication is initiated from the gate station by pressing the bell button. All the handsets linked will ring and communication is established. Communication is simplex so only one person can speak at a time but the gate station’s microphone is always active so the visitor does not have to press any key to speak. The inside handset can enter into the conversation at any time by pressing a PTT button. 

There is a lock trigger button on the handset for opening a motorized gate or striker lock. This can trigger the front gate station at any time or during a call.


  • Long range
  • Easy installation
  • Automatic communication at gate, PTT function at handset
  • Gate triggering from handset

Kit includes

  • Gate Station
  • Handset with desktop charger
  • Gate Power Supply
  • Relay board