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Sherlo Town House Complex 2-Channel Code Hopping Gate Receiver

by Sherlo
R 885.80

Sherlo town house 2 channel code hoping 403MHz?ÿreceiver.

  • The Complex Receiver Version 3 model is specifically designed to be installed onto motorised gate entrances of town-house complexes, residential estates, office parks, small businesses, golf estates schools or even boomed off residential areas.
  • The Complex Receiver has easy to understand menuƒ??s for learning in or deleting remotes & setting the time & date. The unit is also password protected so that unauthorised persons cannot learn in or delete out remotes. A microSD card can be inserted into the unit to make a backup of the remotes and download the events log. If the microSD card ??s left in the unit, the unit will detect that the card is present and write events when they occur to the card into a text file. Over a million events may be listed in the file which means that you will have full records of all events the unit has logged.
  • 2 Channel relay output?ÿ
  • Code-Hopping encryption
  • 8000 remotes can be learnt?ÿ
  • Real time & date clock event?ÿ
  • 2000 event time & date internal
  • microSD card compatible FAT32?ÿ
  • Backing up via microSD card?ÿ
  • Installing via microSD card
  • Software application available?ÿ
  • USB 2.0 coms port compatible
  • Password protected?ÿ
  • Backward compatible to VER2
  • Encryption : Code-Hopping
  • Range : 100m (Open air)
  • Frequency : 403MHz
  • Dimensions (LxBxH) : 115 x 82 x 31mm
  • Gross Weight : 230g
  • Operating Temp : -3?øC to 65?øC
  • Input Voltage Range : 10V - 14V DC
  • Relay Contact Rating : 1A
  • Memory Capacity : 8000 Remotes
  • Outputs : 2 Dry Relays
  • Warranty : 24 Months