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Sherlo S4 403/433MHz Fixed Mount Transmitter

R 862.72

The four channel wireless long range stand alone transmitter, achieves astronomical distances.


  • Transmission of Alarm signals
  • Linking Electric Fence outputs to Alarms
  • Switching On / Off Pumps on farms
  • Industrial Machinery Control
  • Wireless control of Generators
  • Linking Gate Alarm - Gate Guard Unit - to Main Alarm


  • Code-Hopping Encryption
  • 1500m Long Range
  • 4-Channel telemetry outputs
  • Normally open or Normally closed trigger inputs
  • LED indication when a channel is triggered
  • 1 or 3 transmit signals can be selected
  • All inputs are supervised
  • On/Off software functionality


  • Encryption: Code-Hopping
  • Range: 1500m (Open air)
  • Frequencies: 403MHz / 433MHz
  • Voltage Range: 9.8V to 16V DC
  • Current on TX: >90mA
  • Sleep mode: >10mA
  • Dimensions(L x B x H): 187 x 104 x 67mm
  • Gross Weight: 235 grams
  • Operating Temp: -3°C to 65°C

403MHz: S4

433MHz: S4_433