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Sentry Access Control Wireless Keypad

R 752.14

Access Control LED Wireless Keypad designed to provide security access to a restricted area. Access is gained by entering a valid code. The keypad can operate in fixed length mode, meaning that a fixed number of digits can be set and the use of the [#] key at the end of the code is not needed or variable length mode, where the code can vary from one to ten digits. Up to a thousand codes can be stored in the units non-volatile memory. Thus no codes will be lost when the power is removed from the unit.

New codes can be added to the system and existing codes can be deleted as required. “Token” codes can be added allowing the user onlya preset number of activations, after which the code is deleted. Upto 15 code channels is availible for activation of various equipment. After a user has been added. The user can now be learned into a receiver compatible to the remote vendor selected. If the quick learn option was used to add a user, the default will be a SENTRY 433Mhz code copping receiver, and the transmit time is approx 2 sec. The user can now enter the password followed by the [#] key or No [#] key depending on the fixed or variable code length setting. When the keypad was not used for more than 20 sec, the keypad will enter low power mode. Thus the Yellow led will flash every 5 seconds. When a code is entered, the keypad will exit low power mode instantly and the code will be verified.