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SecureRite One Zone Alarm System - Zone Expander

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R 400.00

One Zone Alarm System and Zone Expander

A Small affordable alarm system for areas where a large alarm system might not make financial sense. You can also use this device to extend your existing alarm system.

Protect your car port, home parking space, outside garage, your lounge, your sitting room, your bedroom, your caravan, your camping site or your outside cottage. It can be for your workshop, office or your storage area where multiple sensors may not be necessary.


  • It can connect up to three motion sensors to cover up to three areas.
  • LED alarm status indicator.
  • Remote arming and disarming.
  • Audible siren confirmation (programmable).
  • Alarm extender - add extra zone to your existing alarm system.
  • Adjustable arming delay time to allow you to exit the room after arming.
  • It has a dedicated output connection for radio transmitters - Link it to response companies.