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Paradox NV780MR Dual Side Wireless Outdoor Motion Detector - PA3736

R 3,410.47

Digital Outdoor Dual Side-View Detector with 4 Dual Sensors motion detector for intrusion detection security alarm systems. Designed to protect exterior/interior walls and doors or windows. The NV780MR model replaces the NVR780 wireless. 


  • Dual side anti-masking detection - Active IR detection, fast 20 seconds detection designed for outdoor detecting sprayed liquids and blocking items up to 25 cm Pet Immunity capability, up to 40 kg
  • Coverage: Bi-directional, independent, 2 x 3m to 12m (9.8ft to 39ft)
  • 4 dual element sensors arrangement (right and left view), independent of each other with separate anti mask detection for each side
  • Unit is selectable to use either 433Mhz or 868Mhz via dip switch
  • The optics are specially designed to provide multiple narrow beams for excellent detection covering up to 12m for each side
  • Range adjustment is performed by adjusting the viewing angle of the bottom facing beams (moving them up and down)
  • The detectors are configurable to report as a single unit (two side detectors reporting to a single zone output) or as dual units (each side reporting to a separate zone)
  • High efficiency long focal point (1.77 in.) LoDiff lens
  • Combination optics - mirror and Fresnel Lens for optimal sharp detection
  • Single or Dual operation modes
  • Optical and digital range adjustments
  • Dual LED and buzzer indicators
  • Wall-mount, with built-in level tool
  • Installation Height ~1.5m and above