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Nemtek DATS2XL Dual Action Tension Sensor 2 Galvanised

R 141.83

The patented Nemtek Dual Action Tension Sensor DATS2 can detect a change of tension in the fence wire. It uses the electric fence monitoring circuit to create an alarm condition on the energizer. The dual action increases the likelihood of an intruder being detected and reduces the possibility of tampering. There are two models available to cater for different wire types; the TS-DATS2/XL is used with the galvanised and aluminium fence wires and the TS-DATS2/SS for the stainless steel wires. Detection range (straight line) up to 50m.


  • Is paired up with the Hybrid Compression Spring CNT2HB. This is so that the tension in the fence wires can be adequately maintained
  • Detects a change in tension on a fence line
  • Detects an open circuit at its first-stage trigger
  • Detects a dead short at its second-stage trigger
  • Constructed from robust material to suit all wire types up to 1.6mm
  • Easy to install and retrofit onto most existing Nemtek electric fences


  • Material 304 Stainless steel
  • UV stabilised glass filled nylon XL Galvanised
  • Colour Black
  • IP rating IP54
  • Dimensions 170(L) x 60(H) x 46(D)mm (including screws)
  • Operating detection range ~220N – ~650N
  • Operating tension range ~20N – ~200N
  • Operating environment -20°C – 80°C @ 100% RH (condensing)
  • Operating voltage ~750V – 12 000V (pulse duration <10msec)