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Comb MKII Temporary Access Password Visitor Keypad

R 2,578.69

When it comes to managing an access controlled environment, the ability to allow temporary access PINs for guests of an estate, business park or organisation can largely ease and automate traffic around access points. Requesting both entry and exit temporary access PINs via SMS and communicating these to the prospective visitors, means the visitors can enter these TAP's via a remote wired keypad or on the Intercom itself. The entire mechanism is secure and provides an audit trail via Comb Portal. Furthermore the temporary pins can be obtained by residents using only an SMS from anywhere, therefore no internet is required.

TAP: A temporary 5 digit secret number that guests use to gain access to the complex.

The Tap-Tap keypad is very secure and cannot be bypassed in anyway as no codes or PINs are stored on the unit, and neither is the controlling relay on the keypad. The Keypad is simply a means of sending TAP. PINs to the MK II Plus Intercom. The Intercom decide if the PIN is valid or not. A further benefit of the external keypad is that the regular resident PINs can be entered on these keypads.


  • Additional keypad for MK11 intercoms
  • Hardwired to MK11
  • Residents can use PIN's for exit
  • Temporary visitor PINS by SMS
  • Weather resistant IP55
  • Tamper resistant
  • Operating temperature -20C - 60C