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MKII Lite GSM Multi-unit Intercom System

R 30,243.43

Cellular network-based multi-unit intercom system that allows convenient screening of visitors at the entrance to residential or business properties before allowing access.

Main features

  • Quick and easy installation, no wiring other than mains supply. It operates via cellular network.
  • Cellphone or fixed line telephone doubles as an intercom handset and can receive calls from the gate station, and activate the entrance gate and up to two other access control devices
  • Visitor can select from up to three contact numbers per unit to call
  • Allows for visitor departure control (Free-exit facility)
  • Convenient web-based interface for system updating and reporting
  • Battery backup and built-in lightning protection
  • Robust and durable entry panel
  • Time-based access control; the system's gate triggers can be set to only respond to certain remote controls or PIN codes during certain periods of time giving the complex the ability to allocate PINs and remote controls to people with limited access.
  • PIN code entry (two pre-programmed codes per unit)
  • Programming can be done online* or manually at the unit
  • Bulk SMS and email to complex residents
  • Individual resident reporting for phone bills and gate openings
  • Both successful and attempted only gate openings are reported
  • Unlimited, controlled access for residents
  • Ability to communicate with security personnel at the gate
  • Back-lit LCD display (double line)
  • Weatherproof enclosure suitable for outdoor or indoor environments
  • Online resident database administration
  • Both successful and attempted only gate openings are recorded
  • GSM intercom system
  • 1500 units per account
  • 3 phone numbers per unit
  • Easy programming on web portal
  • Easy reporting
  • Up to 7500 Nova remotes
  • can accommodate up to 2 Tap-Tap keypads for PIN's
  • Missed call gate opening
  • 3rd party integration options
  • 220V AC Mains
  • Backup battery