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Nemtek Merlin 4 Electric Fence Energizer with Keypad

R 3,823.75

The Merlin 4 offers what the Wizord 4 has in terms of features, but with remote control through a dedicated keypad. The keypad also allows the user and the installer to program and control the energizer from a remote location. This allows the energizer to be installed near the fence and the keypad to be located where it is most convenient for the user. Additional features that the standard Wizord does not have, can be enabled through the keypad.


  • Siren trigger times and frequency can be adjusted as required
  • Voltage outputs can be controlled to reduce or increase the output energy as required by the user
  • High and low voltage modes to change the power output of the energizers and yet keep the alarming capability intact
  • Gate chime to notify if the gate has been opened and closed
  • Bypass options for the siren, strobe and gate as required
  • Siren times can be programmed to suit the different needs of the user


  • Dimensions 285(L) x 212(W) x 120(D)m
  • Weight 5.3kg
  • Electrical supply voltage 240V AC
  • Standby Time 24hrs (fully charged battery)