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IDS X64 8 Zone Expandable to 64 Zone Control Panel

R 1,811.25

IDS X64 8 zone expandable to 64 Zone alarm system control panel. The XSeries security systems are ideal solutions for residential and commercial installations, incredibly easy to use and install. This series offers a wide range of versatile and flexible add-on modules for security, automation and CCTV applications.


  • IDS’s renowned one-button arming with three quick arming modes: Stay, Away and Quick Exit
  • 5 Levels of arming
  • 4 user selectable stay arming modes - stay, stay/night, home and sleep
  • User selectable buzz and chime zones
  • Easy cross partition control
  • Unique “buzz zone” feature provides early alarm warning
  • No activity arming
  • No movement reporting
  • Auto arm / disarm per partition
  • Maintenance code
  • Dynamic battery self test
  • 8 Zones expandable to 64 zones
  • Dedicated panic zone
  • Dedicated tamper zone
  • False Alarm Prevention
    • Zone verification
    • Zone swinger shutdown
    • Buzz zones