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Hikvision 6m Octagonal Bi-Directional Traffic Barrier Boom Gate

R 27,678.20

The Hikvision 6m Octagonal Bi-Directional Traffic Barrier Boom Gate offers a sturdy boom pole and a rising speed of 5 seconds for efficient traffic control. The 140W brushless motor with 5 million cycles ensures reliable performance. Its commercial design includes a display for configuration and diagnostic purposes, as well as various interface options for versatile use.


  • Adopts integrated machine core. Parallel gear decelerates linkage arm transmission to ensure stability and efficiency
  • Supports convenient side installation with compact structure
  • Adopts quenching process for carbon steel gear to realize wear-resistant and impact-resistant functions and extend product life
  • Adopts small DC brushless motor with low noise to increase output torque and realize precise intelligent control
  • Supports rebound for obstacle and opening priority
  • Adopts DC variable frequency control to enable smooth operation with fast boom pole opening and slow boom pole closing
  • Supports event log to enable convenient monitoring
  • Supports multiple anti-fall modes such as IR, vehicle detectors, and radars
  • Supports fault code detection on the nixie tube, log record, and abundant status indicating. Based on the fault code displayed on the nixie tube, you can realize quickly problems locating and maintenance
  • Supports manually opening boom pole. You can turn hand wheel to keep barrier gate opening during power cutoff
  • Delayed boom pole closing (10 s delay time by default). Supports 99 shifts (initial status 2 s, 2 s gap between each shift)
  • Supports auto boom pole opening during power cutoff. The barrier gate can open automatically to allow fire trucks in (optional components required)


  • Boom Pole Type Bi-Directional 6m Boom Octagonal Profile
  • Rising Speed 5 Seconds
  • Motor 140W Brushless 24VDC Motor
  • Number of Cycles 5 Million
  • Commercial Design, Display for Configuration and Diagnostics Event Log
  • Interface: Rise/Fall Limits, Open, Close, Stop, IR/Loop/Radar,  RS-485, Traffic Signal Light (Ext. Power)    
  • Power Input 220VAC
  • Housing Material SGCC (Hot Dip Galv) 1.5mm
  • Protection Outdoor IP54/IK09

DS-TMG420 (6m Octagonal)