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SecureRite Gate Alarm PCB Board

R 430.56

GGU Board only without enclosure.

A low cost reliable long term solution to gate motor theft compatible with a wide range of gate motors and customer requirements. It can be installed as a standalone unit or linked to an existing alarm system. In both scenarios, the idea is not only to scare off the intruders but also to give the gate motor and the entrance gate an ability to inform and call for help whenever there is a security thread. The unit works well with any GSM module; thus it can easily be linked to response companies or give the owner an ability to monitor the gate activity with push notifications on a 24 hour basis from anywhere in the world.

How Does It Work?

Once installed, the GGU can be armed or disarmed with a Remote/Hardwired button. When the unit goes into alarm, the user can stop the alarm with the same button. It offers a three pin connection for status LEDs and an optional/programmable Squawk when arming/disarming. For Panic facility, a long press on the button will trigger the alarm immediately.


Almost plug and play. To install the system the following is required; Heavy Duty Roller Shutter, Door Contact, Long Range Receiver, a Remote Control, some cabling and a plastic enclosure. The enclosure is optional because the GGU is small enough to fit inside the gate motor housing.


GGU Board only without enclosure.