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SecureRite Gate Guard Unit Standalone Kit

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No need for you to worry about your gate motor being stolen, tampered with or intruders forcing their way into your property anymore. This is a complete system with a siren and a radio transmitter output dedicated for connection to response companies. It works perfectly with any GSM module.

In standalone, a siren is connected to the SRN (Siren) Output and a receiver or a control button is connected to the BTN (Button) input on the GGU board. A remote or a button can be used to arm or disarm the GGU and to stop the siren.

Kit includes

  • Heavy Duty Roller Shutter
  • 1 Button Remote
  • 1 Channel Receiver
  • Door Contact (For Temper Input)
  • Siren
  • Plastic Enclosure (Optional)


  • Prevent Gate Lifting, Forced Entry and Gate motor theft

  • Your gate and gate motor are protected 24 hours even when your house alarm is disarmed

  • The unit triggers the alarm immediately when intruders try to lift or force open your gate

  • Gate blocking is a common method used by criminals during robbery. The unit will trigger the alarm if your gate is kept open longer than it is supposed to.

  • You can link the gate alarm to security response companies and get a quick protection when the unit goes into alarm

  • It has Panic facility that allows you to call for help in case of emergency. Press your remote for 3 seconds to trigger the alarm

  • You can set the gate open time to match the time of your gate or any desired period

  • You can also override the gate open time, this is for when you need to keep the gate open for longer periods while other features are still working

  • The Anti-tailing version is designed mainly for complexes, the unit goes into alarm immediately when someone tail-gates, this is very helpful when criminals try to gain unauthorized entry by following you 

  • Arm and disarm it with a remote for convenience

  • Also, it automatically arms itself to avoid human neglect