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SecureRite Gate Guard Unit Standalone Kit

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Original price R 2,173.00
Current price R 1,400.00

Plastic enclosure is optional. Not included in the kit.

No need for you to worry anymore, about your gate motor being stolen, tampered with or intruders forcing their way into your property. This is a complete system with a siren and a radio transmitter output dedicated for connection to response companies. It works perfectly with any GSM module.

In standalone, a siren is connected to the SRN (Siren) Output and a receiver or a control button is connected to the BTN (Button) input on the GGU board. A remote or a button can be used to arm or disarm the GGU and to stop the siren. See details in theĀ Installation Manual.Ā 

Kit includes

  • Heavy Duty Wide Gap Door Contact (N/O)
  • 1 Button Remote
  • 1 Channel Receiver
  • Door Contact (For Temper Input)
  • Siren
  • Plastic Enclosure (Optional)

Ā Features

  • Prevent Gate Lifting, Forced Entry and Gate motor theft

  • Your gate and gate motor are protected 24 hours even when your house alarm is disarmed

  • The unit triggers the alarm immediately when intruders try to lift or force open your gate

  • Gate blocking is a common method used by criminals during robbery. TheĀ unit will trigger the alarm if your gate is kept open longer than it is supposed to.

  • You can link the gate alarm to security response companies and get a quick protection whenĀ the unit goes into alarm

  • It has Panic facility that allows you to call for help in case of emergency. Press your remote for 3 seconds to trigger the alarm

  • You can set the gate open time to match the time of your gate or any desired period

  • You can also override the gate open time, this is for when you need to keep the gate open for longer periods while other features are still working

  • The Anti-tailing version is designed mainly for complexes, the unit goes into alarm immediately when someone tail-gates, this is very helpful when criminals try to gain unauthorized entry by following youĀ 

  • Arm and disarm it with a remote for convenience

  • Also, it automatically arms itself to avoid human neglect