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Centurion FLUX 11 Pin plug-in Loop Detector Single Channel 230V AC

R 1,037.77

The FLUX 11 is a single channel, 11-pin plug-in highly sensitive inductive-loop detector designed for vehicle detection applications, and interfaces seamlessly with the standard loop detector 11-pin bases found in the majority of traffic control systems.

This loop detector is responsive, highly sensitive, and utilises sophisticated software algorithms which adapt to prevent false triggering due to changing environmental conditions. Easy to use dipswitches, as well as visual and audible feedback of inductive loop operation, ensure a hassle-free installation experience. Provision is made for both a Pulse and a Presence output, enabling the installer to connect a free-exit as well as a closing (or safety) loop using a single loop detector base.

  • Very fast detection speed for quick response times
  • Detection filter and high-level circuit and loop protection provides excellent immunity to interference from external sources for improved reliability
  • Easy to install and commission saving you time and money
  • Audible and visual diagnostics for ease of setup and maintenance
  • Removable terminals for quick and easy maintenance
  • Boot-loader interface for ease of firmware upgrades
  • Dedicated reset button to assist with quick maintenance procedures
  • Wide, adaptive self-tuning range for outstanding reliability
  • Excellent, strong loop field strength for reliable operation
  • Selectable Permanent Presence feature to prevent unintended barrier or gate closure
  • Automatic Sensitivity Boost feature which boosts the sensitivity automatically for the reliable detection of vehicles of various heights
  • Standardised size allows for usage with any existing 11-pin connector base