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ET Infra-red Blue Eyes Gate Safety Beams

R 421.33

Ideal use for Gate monitoring, Garage Door monitoring, Intruder detection, and visitor notification. Compatible with ET Nice Products and most other Gate Operators, Garage Door Operators and Intruder Alarm Systems.


  • Operating voltage 12 to 24 AC or DC
  • Sealed lens
  • Selectable normally open/normally closed relay output
  • Range: +/-10mInfra -red frequency: 1,92kHz
  • Power supply: 12 to 24V ac or dc
  • Wave length: 940nm
  • Operating current: RX = 15mA / Tx = 30mA
  • Operating temp. : -20c to 70c
  • Relay load rating: 1A @ 30V max