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ET Drive 1000 Gate Motor Kit Only - No Battery

R 9,583.99

Drive 1000 sliding gate operator only. NO BATTERY, Rack and Remotes.


  • Input voltage: 220 - 240Vac @ 50Hz - 60Hz
  • Primary power supply to electric motor: 288VA toroidal transformer (Power Pack)
  • Maximum duty cycle with 220Vac present: 98%
  • Motor power: 24VDC, 250W
  • Battery: 24Volt 5Ah
  • Number of operations on battery reserve without AC present: 100 within 24 hours
  • Battery charger: Built in multiple stage with cycling and battery health monitor
  • Maximum gate mass: 1000kg
  • Rated starting thrust: 500N
  • Rated running thrust: 400N
  • Maximum gate travel: 40m
  • Maximum gate speed: 28m/min
  • Anti-crushing safety sensing: Yes – Electronic gate profiling
  • Built-in receiver frequency: 433.2 MHz
  • Receiver format: E.T. BLU MIX © backward compatible with E.T. BLUE (Rolling code)
  • Receiver memory capacity: 1000 users - 4 channels each
  • 4 receiver channels: Button trigger, pedestrian, auxiliary relay, holiday lock-out
  • Tamper alarm monitoring: Safety beam tampering, gate forced open and gate kept open monitoring
  • Ancillary connections: Either traditional switched wiring or 2 wire daisy chained NICE BlueBus
  • Auxiliary power supply output: 12VDC @ 400mA, electronically protected
  • Auto-close modes: Simple auto-close, Condominium or Passive Infra-red Access Control (PIRAC)
  • Pedestrian mode: Either auto-close or 2 step logic
  • Operating temperature range: -10°C to 50°C (14F to 122F)

How To Add Remotes To ET Drive 1000