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Nemtek Druid 10 Relay Expansion Card

R 1,466.25

The Druid 10 relay expansion card can be used to increase the number of information inputs and outputs from the Druid 25 LCD (E-DRUID/25/LCD) or Druid 28 LCD (E-DRUID/28/LCD) energizers. It can be installed in the energizer housing. It has four inputs which can be used to switch the individual zones on/off and to switch between high and low voltage for each zone. The relay 10 contacts can be configured to be potential-free, independent, dry contacts, or set to wet contacts with a common ground and a nominal 12V output.


  • 4 digital inputs
  • 10 relay outputs
  • Robust surge protection is included on all inputs and outputs
  • All relays can be individually configured to be independent dry contacts or common-ground wet contacts with 12V nominal output
  • 3 Programmed setting to choose from
  • Low battery indicator
  • Zone 1 and 2 alarms and fence check alarms
  • Service and tamper conditions
  • Communication timeouts
  • Dimension (L)180 x (W)112 x (H)22mm