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Deye 18000 BTU Solar Hybrid Aircon

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Keep your home cool in the summer and warm in the winter with this energy-efficient air conditioner. Deye hybrid ACDC solar air conditioners require no batteries, and only a few PV panels to deliver huge savings. During the day, when air conditioning is needed the most, you can operate this unit partly or up to 100% by its independent solar panels to achieve maximum efficiency. At night, you can continue to save due to its high efficiency.

This Solar Hybrid Air Conditioner unit can be connected directly to solar panels and the grid.  Even if you need to run your aircon at night, the Deye Solar Air Conditioner uses a fraction of the energy that a conventional aircon uses .

The WIFI functionality allows full control, daily and weekly timers, complete visibility with AC and DC consumption and the history of all power consumption.


  • Enhance the quality of your living area and take advantage of environmentally friendly cooling comfort
  • Because of our air conditioners’ eco-friendliness, you can choose when you want them to run entirely or partially by their solar panels to get the best efficiency. This results in significant energy savings
  • The Deye Solar Hybrid Aircon 18000 BTU runs on DC power directly from solar panels, without needing an inverter, a charge controller, or batteries
  • Solar DC electricity can lower daytime energy expenses for air conditioning by up to 80-98% while directly substituting and greatly reducing the power typically required from the utility grid
  • The system is built to operate in a hybrid mode, with solar panels providing the majority of the energy required during daylight hours and grid power being added as incoming DC power wanes
  • Eco-Friendly Refrigerant
  • Ambient operating range -10 to 58 degrees Celsius
  • Includes both indoor and outdoor units
  • Low energy consumption
  • Quiet indoor unit


  • Application area 20-30
  • AC Power Single Phase 208V-240V/50-60Hz
  • DC Power (PV in Series) 80-380V
  • DC Power Current 10A
  • Solar Panels (in series) (3-6) x 330W
  • Dimension(W×H×D):
  • Indoor unit 1080×330×237mm
  • Outdoor 802×564×323mm
  • Gross weight:
  • Indoor unit 18.5kg
  • Outdoor unit 42.0kg
  • Packaging (W×H×D):
  • Indoor unit 1140×300×382mm
  • Outdoor unit 910×622×405mm