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Centurion Vector Vert-X and Vantage Controller Box with Charger and Remotes

R 3,959.22

VECTOR. VERT-X and VANTAGE swing gate motor controller wall box including Charger and remotes.


  • LCD display with menu driven intuitive system setup features
  • LED outputs for gate status indication
  • Weatherproof design with built-in rubber seal to prevent dust, water and insect ingress
  • Interface board with anti-tamper switch enabling an alarm connection
  • Built-in isolator switch for electrical conformity

Kit Includes

  • VECTOR. VERT-X and VANTAGEĀ controller PCB
  • 2A SM Charger
  • 2 x 4-Button Nova Remotes
  • Mains Isolator
  • Centurion Wall box