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Centurion Vantage VX Smart Controller Wallbox with Remotes No Battery

R 4,257.34

VANTAGE SMART swing gate motor controller, wall box and 2 x 4-button Nova remotes. Excluding Battery.


  • Weatherproof design to prevent ingress of water, dust and insects. Includes the
    built-in rubber seal on underside of lid
  • Exterior lip to ensure water stays out, even during the removal of the cover
  • Screw-down points for cover and mounting slots located outside of the general
    housing to ensure complete sealing of the unit
  • Slotted, diagonal mounting slots add mounting flexibility
  • Low level housing wall provides easy access to terminal points
  • Five knock-outs for easy, and multiple, cable entry
  • Gas breathing point allows any potential build-up of gas to escape, whilst still preventing the ingress of dust, water and ants
  • Built-in isolator to conform with legal requirements

Kit Includes

  • VANTAGE Smart controller PCB
  • 2 x 4-Button Nova Remotes
  • Mains Isolator
  • Centurion Wall box
  • Excluding Battery