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Centurion SmartGuard Wired Keypad

R 987.59

SmartGuard wired keypad takes up to 1000 unique PIN codes with any user-defined length from one to ten digits. It has 3 separate outputs each configurable to either latching or non-latching. Such functionality caters for many different scenarios for example, a motorised gate entrance may be opened fully using one code, activate the pedestrian opening using another, and switching on the house alarm using a third. The keypad also boasts a “downcounter” allowing select codes to have a limited number of uses. 


  • SMARTGUARD for hard-wired installations
  • 1000 unique codes using one to ten digits
  • Three channel output
  • Selectively add and delete user codes
  • Backup Memory Module.
  • Limited uses counter
  • Fully weatherproof with backlit keypad
  • SmartSwitch for tamper-proof outputs
  • Black