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Centurion Sector Controller Board Including Multichannel Nova Receiver

R 2,168.07

Sector boom gate motor control card. The PCB includes a Multichannel onboard NOVA Receiver. 


  • Standard plug-in bases pre-configured for approved 12V DC closing and free-exit inductive loop detectors
  • Adjustable and removable controller mounting tray for easy wiring and commissioning
  • Barrier Raise and Lower inputs
  • Memory and non-memory barrier activation
  • Onboard multichannel CentSys code-hopping receiver with the ability to:
  • Learn transmitter buttons to specific functions (e.g. Gate trigger, Pedestrian Opening, Free-exit, Pillar Light Control, Holiday Lockout)
  • Selectively delete specific transmitters that have been lost or stolen
  • Automatically learn transmitters into the system (Autolearn)
  • Automatically delete transmitters that are no longer in use (Delete-Not-Present)
  • Full configuration of barrier operating parameters including independent pole raise and lowering speeds, ramp-up and ramp-down angles
  • Automatic lowering
  • Multichannel controller with integrated ChronoGuard timer technology (a world first):
    • Free-exit facility
    • Remote boom pole status indicator (pole position, power failure, low battery, multiple collision detection and security light status indication)
    • Courtesy/Pillar Light Timer with adjustable duration
    • Fully configurable pre-delays with Pre-flashing Modes
    • Safety/Closing Photocell input with Beam Circuit function test
    • Lock/Emergency Stop input
    • Ticket Vend Interlock which enables connectivity to a ticket vending machine