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BoomGate Master Manual Traffic Barrier Boom Gate

R 13,073.67

The Master Manual Barrier is the most versatile manual barrier on the market. Available from 3m – 6m, boom arm can be locked in the up and down position.  Double handle system allows the operator to use both hands to open and close barrier with ease.


  • Ideal  for  Road  Closures
  • Supervised  Access  Control
  • Commercial  and  Industrial  Checkpoints
  • Any  Manual  Access  control
  • Available in 3m, 4.5m and 6m
  • 6m comes with a catch post
  • Octo Boom Pole
  • Mild steel or stainless steel housings are available
  • Unit can be locked in an up or down position
  • This barrier can also be equipped with a jack knife kit for height-restricted areas
  • No Counterweight
  • This unit operates with an internal balance spring mechanism
  • Plinth details 400 x 400 x 400 x 25Mpa concrete
  • 4 x 13mm Rawl bolts
  • Pack sizes 260 x 260 x 1050 excluding the boom arm.
  • Weight 60kg

3m: BG024

4.5m: BG025

6m: BG026