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BoomGate 3m Flush Mount Spike Barrier complete with Boom Arm

R 85,860.33

A complete flush mount spike barrier with stain steel 3CR12 Housing, Logic, Detectors, 2 x Motors and Boom Arm with curtain. Manufactured and designed to handle high volumes of traffic and has a 100% duty cycle. The barrier and “Road Spike” are driven via two independent single-phase torque motors with an operating speed of one second for the “Road Spike” and 2.5 -6 seconds for the barrier arm. The spikes will only rise after the barrier has passed through a 30° on the closing cycle. 

The spike barrier is designed to offer protection in both directions on entry and exit. The compact design allows for the minimum of excavation work and simplifies the installation. The spike barrier can be configured in the following ways: boom stays down on power failure and spikes remain up; or boom opens on power failure and spike will lower on power failure.


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