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Automatic Wire Stripper Flatwire Cutter Stripping Plier 0.2 to 4mm Range Length Adjustment

R 315.12

Automatic wire stripper and flatwire cutter with 0.2 to 4mm range, adjustable length.


  • Excellent for stripping flat wires
  • Can strip 8mm wide flat wires
  • Length adjustment
  • The stripping length can be adjusted from 2-20mm effectively improve the stripping speed
  • Cut wires sharply, with thread trimmer, fast cut
  • Tension adjustment
  • The thickness of the wire core is different, the pulling force is also different
  • Stripping without damaging the core
  • High tensile force, can strip a variety of wires


  • Size: 7 inch (17.78cm)
  • Stripping range: 0.2-4mm2
  • Stripping length: 2-20mm
  • Wire cutting: Soft copper wire
  • Material: SK5