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Centurion WiZo Link Wireless Transceiver

R 619.91


Go wireless with Wizo! Using radio technology to create a mesh network, WiZo-Link allows a simpler way of creating a fully connected network of home devices or equipment that can be controlled in one place through a mobile phone. This network can be effortlessly scaled and expanded according to your requirements.

Each WiZo-Link becomes a “node” in the network and talks to other nodes to create a sort of intelligent and responsive super-highway carrying signals over great distances. If the environment changes, the network simply finds a suitable detour to ensure that you remain connected.


  • Eliminate Wires. There is no need to break walls, no need to deface your property and spending large amounts of money on unreliable and inflexible wired connections.

  • Extendable Signal Range. With WiZo-Link, the range is no longer an issue. Every device (WiZo) acts as a signal repeater.

  • Centralized Control with GSM Wireless Solution. Add a CENTURION G-ULTRA GSM unit to monitor and control all your WiZo-Linked appliances via your mobile phone.

  • Redundancy. The reliability of the network is guaranteed. If one of the devices stops working, the signal will simply be picked up by the nearest working device.

  • Unlimited List of Applications. Wirelessly control and activate lights, electric gates, geysers, pool pumps, irrigation systems, air conditioners and a plethora of other electrical appliances. 

  • WiZo-Link networks can be grown to almost any size.

  • Two-way communication is possible.


  • Supply voltage range: 11.5V – 24V DC
  • 1 Output / Device 
  • Number of outputs linkable by single input 10
  • Number of inputs linkable to single output 10
  • Weight: 65g
  • Dimensions (W x D  x H): 78 x 58 x 31mm 
  • The network can be grown to virtually any size
  • Range: 4km (Line of Sight), 200m (Inside Buildings)