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Solar Panel Anti-theft Device

Solar Panel Anti-theft Device

Solar panel theft in South Africa is a growing concern affecting domestic and commercial installations. This challenge is driven by a lucrative black market where stolen goods can be bought for a lesser price. This trend has prompted a rise in demand for security measures and innovative theft-prevention solutions because solar panels are a valuable investment and like any such investment, care must be taken to protect them.

Unfortunately, there is no method that can be implemented alone and be able to effectively protect your solar panels. Experts in Security Services Industry, suggest that a combination of barrier security, such as electric fencing, and electronic security like alarms and CCTV, can effectively deter criminals. But this solutions are most of the time expensive to install and their maintenance may be costly.

The Smart Solar Anti-theft Alarm was designed specifically to enhance the security of your solar panels at the lowest cost with minimum installation requirements, while maintaining the best reliability, durability and effectiveness. It adds an extra layer of security to your installation by actively being on guard and it will immediately alert you, as soon as the criminals attempt to steal your solar panels.

And because all of the electronic parts of this alarm system are installed at a secure (indoor) space like in the house, garage or guard house, this allows zero opportunity to tampering with the unit itself.

Unlike most popular solutions, the Smart Solar Panel Anti-theft is easy to install, free of false alarms; it is not sensitive to vibrations, weather conditions like wind, rain or snow will not affect it. And your solar panels will be protected 24/7 with no need to arm and disarm everyday. You arm it once after installation and leave it on like that everyday. While this unit can easily connect to your house alarm, it can also be installed as an independent system separate from your main home alarm.

How Does it Work?

Connected to the Analyser in the Anti-theft Control Box (mounted in the house), the sensor cable is looped through the mounting holes of all solar panels and back into the Anti-theft Control Box. Protecting your solar panels end-to-end. This way, the Analyser will detect any attempt to remove any solar panel from the mounting structure and immediately sound the siren or trigger the alarm.

Learn more about the Solar Panel Anti-theft Alarm here.



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