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Gate Guard Unit - Smart Gate Alarm

Gate Guard Unit - Alarm Linked Gate Alarm to Deter intruders from lifting your gate or stealing your Gate Operator

The Gate Guard Unit is an affordable long term reliable solution guaranteed to prevent gate motor theft and forced entry into your property. The unit goes into alarm if the gate is kept open longer than the programmed gate open time. This is to prevent intruders from blocking your gate and keeping it open in order to gain access into your property. It also triggers the alarm if the gate is lifted or forced open.

The idea is not only to scare off the intruders but also to give the gate motor and the entrance gate an ability to inform and call for help whenever there is a security thread imposed.

  • It can be linked to your existing alarm system as a 24 hour zone.
  • It can be installed as a standalone system with a siren.

  • It has Panic facility that allows you to call for help in case of emergency. A three seconds long press on your remote will trigger the alarm instantly.

  •  Set the adjustable gate open time (of the GGU) to a convenient period that matches your Gate's open time.

  • Prevent Gate Lifting, Forced Entry and Gate motor theft.

  • Your gate and gate motor are protected 24 hours even when your house alarm is disarmed.

  • When intruders try to lift or force open your gate, the unit triggers the alarm immediately.

  • Gate blocking is a common method used by criminals during a robbery. The unit will trigger the alarm if your gate is kept open longer than it is supposed to be.

  • You can link the gate alarm to security response companies and get a quick response when intruders try to gain access into your property.

  • You can set the gate open time to match the time of your gate or any desired period.

  • You can also override the gate open time, this is for when you need to keep the gate open for longer periods while other features are still working.

  • The Anti-tailing version is designed mainly for complexes, the unit goes into alarm immediately when someone tail-gates, this is very helpful when criminals try to gain unauthorized entry by following you.

  • Arm and disarm it with a remote for convenience.

  • Also, it automatically arms itself to avoid human neglect.

You need to SecureRite. Most gate alarms fulfill the basics of protecting gate motors from theft and tampering but there are shortcomings to these systems. Durability, false alarms and flexibility play a big role in the effectiveness of a gate alarm. You should be able to protect any gate motor, link it to any alarm system and connect to any response company with different GSM modules - all with ease. GGU is compatible with a range of gate motor brands including Centurion, ET and other brands.

 Take Your Security a step further.

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