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Wireless Anti-lost Tracker

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Track and Find your lost or misplaced items; Keys, Wallet, Pets, Kids and Car with this smart wireless Bleutooth and GPS Locator. It's a nice and small gadget that you can use as a keyring, easily fits in your wallet or bag. The Remote control feature allows you to use it as a Wireless Selfie Stick.

ALARM FUNCTION: Bluetooth 4.0 connection lets you sound an alarm whenever your phone and the tracker are separated - great for kids, luggage, pets, and more! Operates using isearching App via iOS,Android,MIUI,iOS,Blackberry Smartphone.

INTELLIGENT SEARCH FUNCTION: When you are separated from the item, the phone will alert you, even if you don't hear the reminder, APP will record the location information when you are separated from the item and display it on the map of the APP.

BIDIRECTIONAL ANTI LOST: Locates Where you last left them,and then give you signal strength Guiding you to your lost item! You can even Locate Your Phone by pressing the button on the Gadget, it will send the Phone a Ringing Noise until you locate your phone.

REMOTE CONTROL:You can remote control the camera or voice recording of your phone by press the button. Works as a remote shutter for selfie, Easy to grab happy moments.

MULTIFUNCTION: BLE low Energy,One Touch Find,Smart Reminder,Remote camera,Bidirecticnal Alarm,Location lookup.