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Centurion Lattice Networkable Proximity Access Controller

R 1,667.04

Start as a standalone proximity unit and expand into a powerful networked system with up to 32 readers. A handy three-digit LED display allows for easy programming of user tags and Lattice’s user-friendly interface makes selective adding and deleting of tags veritable child’s play. For added functionality and even simpler administration, the system can be interfaced with the LatticeWARE computer software package. Lattice allows for the addition of up to 1000 user tags.

Mechanical Features

  • Weatherproof reader
  • Optional anti-knock shield for reader
  • Optional secure link (SmartSwitch II) 
  • Choose from either surface-mount or flush-mount fascias (included in kit)

Electronic Features

  • 1000 user tag memory – perfect for larger applications with many users
  • Tags are encrypted and cannot be cloned
  • 13.56 MHz operating frequency
  • Start with a standalone controller and add up to 31 Slave Heads – great versatility
  • Excellent read range
  • Dual outputs on the controller and a single output on the Slave Heads – configurable as follows:
    • Pulsed output configurable from 1 - 254 seconds 
    • Latched output
    • Free-exit input
    • Door Sense input
  • Output for external alarm – alarm is generated under the following conditions:
    • Door Held Open for an extended period of time
    • Door Forced Open
  • Anti-passback for improved security
  • Limited Uses support – useful in pay-per-use and security applications
  • Backup Memory Module available