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CAME BPT XTS 7 IP Touch Screen Display Speaker Video Intercom Kit

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R 20,584.38

Looking for a Video Intercom? Choose XTS. This is the new range of video entry panel systems, available with 7 and 5-inch monitors - fully touch screen. Replace your old X1 reciever with XTS. The minimal design and quality of the materials exalt its elegance, whether you choose the white or black version. The high-resolution glass screen with glare resistant finish ensures perfect viewing in all lighting conditions. Having WiFi, both in the X1 and IP versions, makes it the choice for managing the video intercom system and opening the front door from a smartphone.



Activate the audio and video recording of the current call with a simple touch on the relative icon of the display.


Record a video voicemail and leave an outgoing message for your visitors when you are not available or do not want to be disturbed.


Do you own an IP CCTV system and want to access live images on the video entry receiver? The video surveillance system can be easily integrated with XTS to increase the security level in order to check the area before opening the door.


This function is perfect when there is an endless stream of visitors like when you host a party or at a professional studies premises. Activate the auto open feature on XTS and next time the call button is pressed the door will open automatically. The function activation time is programmed according to the opening/starting time of the study/party and the door is opened automatically.


You can use your home WIFI to connect your Video Intercom to the network for FREE. XTS is equipped with a WIFI card and with a simple configuration it can be connected to the Internet. In this way, you can use the video door entry system remotely via your smartphone or tablet; Receive calls, Open front door, Switch on your lights, Display the entry panels live video, Call your house on the XTS receiver.

 NB: 1 to 1 IP System POE required.