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Bright Star 200W UFO LED Grow Light

R 9,595.62

Grow Lights to stimulate growth, flowering and to increase yield. 


  • LED UFO Grow Light, Full Spectrum, IP65
  • 200W LED and LED Driver ( Included )
  • Material: Die Cast Aluminium
  • LED Quantity: 266 Pieces 3030 SMD
  • Lumen: 60 LM/W
  • Beam Angle: 90 degrees
  • Full Spectrum of Ratio: 620-630nm/650-670nm/730-750nm /390-410nm/430-450nm/460-470nm
  • Par Value (PPFD): 154umol@0.5M, 241umol@1.0M 112umol@1.5M, 69umol@2.0M
  • Lighting Coverage: 0.5M@0.7m2, 1.0M@1.6m2, 1.5M@2.8m2, 2M@4.9m2
  • Diameter: 401mm