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BPT Agata Mini Audio 1-4 Kit

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R 7,407.83

This is the BPT 4 way audio door entry kit composed of one Entry panel (4 button panel), four standard handsets (in white), one Audio Module, and one E/310 power supply. Ideal for supplying an audio door entry system to a building with four flats or to four independent flats, studios, etc.

Kit includes

  • AGATA C/B 200 series multi-wire system with TARGHA ST entry panel
  • 4 x AGATA C/B 200 audio receiver with white handset
  • HSC/1 Targha entry panel surface mount
  • HA/200 audio module
  • E/310 power supplier with inter-communication
4 Button Audio Entry Panel
The BPT Entry panel has set the standard for functionality and style for many years. Easy to install with a classic design, the four button Targha has been the choice of more door entry systems than any other. This very low profile of only 28mm and backlit LED buttons allow the Entry panel to blend in with any style of building, day or night.
  • High tech appearance blending in with the style of any building.
  • Modular system
  • Materials: anodized aluminium
  • Maximum security (for access)
  • 4 Button Entry Panel
  • Dimensions: 207mm length, 99mm width, 28mm depth.
  • Back box dimensions: 193mm length, 90mm width, 51.5mm depth.
  • IP rating: IP54 rated panel.
White Audio Receivers
Each white Audio Receiver has an elegant style with a cost effective functionality audio handset (manufactured by BPT). It comes as standard with auxiliary button, doorbell interface, and lock release.
  • Easy to use and clean cut design.
  • Very slim design audio receiver
  • Wall mounted
  • Dimensions: 102mm length x 190mm height x 30.9mm projection (audio receiver)
  • Finish: white audio receiver.
  • 4 receivers are included in this kit
The BPT System 200
The outstanding feature of the BPT System 200 is its great versatility. With just 4 common wires + coaxial cable (or twisted pair) for connecting receivers, a whole series of additional functions are available for improved system performance without having to add more cable. With a wide range of entry panels and receivers to choose from, System 200 will meet the demands of most applications where price and functionality are key.
  • All the functions offered by the system are provided using coding on the same two wires carrying the audio signal. This means the installation can be expanded at a later date, without having to add wires, making additional work less time consuming and providing many optional features.
  • Noise-free audio: Unlike many other systems, the BPT System 200 runs on just direct current, which makes the audio free from the noise and buzzing generally associated with the use of alternating current.
  • It can take popular BPT handsets and entry panels like: Lynea, Nova Audio, Targha, Nova, etc.