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Bluetooth Anti-lost Pet Dog Tracer Tracker Tag

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Smart Locator Tag to trace and find your lost items, pets, keys, Purse, Luggage, misplaced wallet or even your children! It's a nice small gadget that can be used as a key-ring and it easily fits in the wallet or hand bag.

Usually used by pet owners to alert them when their pets begin to wander. It is quiet useful for keeping track of kids at the mall and other public areas.

It alerts you whenever your phone and the Tag lose connection - great for keeping your kids, luggage, pets, and more within your range. 

In case you did not hear the alarm/alert, the APP will record the location where you were last connected with the tag and display it on the map of the APP.

Find your misplaced keys or wallet. Locate where you last left your item using your phone. With the app on your phone you will get a signal guiding you to your lost item.

You can also locate Your Phone by pressing the button on the Gadget. It will send a signal to the Phone which in turn will activate a Ringing Tone.

 It is a wireless selfie stick. It works as a remote camera shutter for your phone. You can remote control the camera or voice recording of your phone by pressing a button on the Tracker. Make it easy to capture great moments!