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Optex BX-80N Wired Dual Long Range Outdoor Motion Detector

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Intruder motion detector for alarm systems with adjustable detection area on either side with long, narrow beams that extend from both of its sides. The BX-80N is specifically designed to be wall-mounted centrally on a building, covering the building perimeter with a multi-layered, horizontal barrier that detects intruders before they break in.

To help reduce false activation, the range can be adjusted so that detection extends only to the end of the building.

The unit also has a size-judging function, which helps it discriminate between large and small objects within the detection area.


  • Variable detection range from 2 to 12 m on each side
  • Double conductive shielding
  • Advanced temperature compensation
  • Limited detection range function
  • Size judging function to avoid false alarms
  • Audible alarm function
  • Attractive and slender design